S7 ep2 Saying Yes to Your Happiness with Sarah Von Bargen

In today’s episode of Create Shift I chat with Sarah Von Bargen of yesandyes.org. Sarah is a writer and a coach, who helps people to spend their time, money and energy on purpose. I describe Sarah as a bit of a life guru, her website is such a treasure trove of practical and supportive blogs, e-books and course. I also find her Instagram a refreshing breath of fresh air, and a delight to engage with. So, I hope you enjoy this conversation with Sarah as much as I did and that it offers you some support, encouragement and inspiration on your own journey.

Ellen x

Find Sarah online at yesandyes.org on Instagram @yesandyesblog

Topics covered in this episode

  • The difficulties Sarah found reacclimating to the US after several years living and working abroad, and how this prompted her to start her blog.
  • We geek out on neurolinguistics and how powerful the neural pathways we build from the language we repeatedly use are. We chat about how this relates to the concept of Samskaras in yogic philosophy, and what we can do to build new pathways.
  • Harry Potter & the Karate Kid analogies feature
  • How none of us have ever ‘solved’ things, and how we’ll always be working on our challenges and sticky points for the rest of our lives. BUT the more we do it, the more tools we have to help ourselves with.
  • How understanding what makes you happy is the first step to living your life on purpose.
  • Sarah shares her definition of a good and happy life.

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