S7ep1 Verity Gaida on Slow Living & Being Yourself

In this episode of Create Shift I talk to Verity Gaida, a life coach, writer & slow living lover. On her website Verity uses these two beautiful phrases, that sum up her approach to life, work and everything in between.

“I believe there is strength in stillness”

“I believe in slow, soulful living”

I really hope you enjoy our conversation and that it supports you in whatever way you need.

Ellen x

Find Verity online at inspireandenjoy.com and on Instagram @veritygaida

Topics covered in this episode

  • Advice for dealing with constant ‘shoulds’ and feelings of guilt around taking time off.
  • Verity’s journey to slow living.
  • How Verity defines low living.
  • How there is nothing easier and nothing harder than being yourself.
  • Verity’s view on goals, and how they’re not always the most helpful thing.
  • The importance of living in alignment with your values.

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The intro and outtro music for this podcast is Jellyfish by Sonics Podcasts. 

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