Create Shift Podcast: Slow Living and Creativity with Elin Lööw

In this episode I speak to creative coach and writer Elin Lööw about slow living, creativity, bringing slow living practices to creativity and being in the messy middle.

Elin Lööw is a creative coach and writer living in Sweden. She spends her days helping creatives do the work they’re truly capable of by finding, following and trusting the creative paths inside of them. Her approach is gentle and she has been exploring slow living in combination with creativity for the last couple of years. Elin works with writers, artists and all gentle creatives. She feels at home in the forest, loves to get lost in a good book and enjoys at least two cups of green tea daily.
Find Elin on Instagram @elin.loow and on her website

Key Topics

  • Elin shares her journey with creativity from childhood to adulthood.
  • Advice on facing creative fears.
  • How Elin practices slow living and connects this to her creative work.
  • Elin’s decision to take a 6 month sabbatical from her day job and her experience of this.
  • Dealing with messy middle in creative processes and times of change.

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