Inspiration for living a purposeful and holistic life

At the end of every Create Shift podcast interview I ask my guests the following question:

In your ideal vision of the future, what changes would you like to see people having made towards living a more purposeful and holistic life? And, what small changes can people make now if they want to start moving in that direction?

Their answers never fail to delight and inspire me and – in many cases – give me goosebumps. Here I’ve compiled a few answers from recent seasons, in the hope that they will inspire you to think about how you can live your most purposeful and holistic life.

Sarah Tasker – S6,ep5

Be in integrity with yourself.

“We need to get to a place where we know who we are ourselves and know what we really want […] Connect to your intuition, and get in alignment with who you are and what you want because then we feel good. We’re happier and we’re nicer to ourselves and one another.”

Sarah Major – S6,ep2

Stopping, re-establishing what is important. Look at the things you really need, as opposed to the things you thought you needed. Paring down and really being conscious about how far our food or our products travel. Looking closer to home and supporting our communities. Engaging with the things that are closer.

Emma Newlyn – S5,ep6

“Stop worrying so much about what other people think of you, because they’re not thinking about you they’re thinking about themselves. “

Ask: what am I repressing? What am I stopping myself doing because I’m scared of what people will think?

Tom Micklewright – S5,ep4

Ask what you’re telling yourself at the moment about the direction of your life and then think about the story you’re going to start telling yourself.

Marie Kenny – S5,ep2

“We are all born with an intuition […] and you can make it a big part of your life if you choose to. Your intuition is such a powerful messenger and compass for your life. If everyone developed their intuitive abilities they would get to know themselves so much better. And working on yourself is incredibly powerful, because when you work on your shit you have people around you who start working on themselves too. It has a really big ripple effect.”

I hope these words inspired you as much as they did me

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