Create Shift s6,ep6: Cultivating Morning and Evening Routines

Oh hello! Welcome to another solo episode of Create Shift. Continuing on with the theme of routines I’ve been focusing on lately, in this episode I talk specifically about morning and evening routines. This short episode follows on nicely from s6,ep4 where I talk about using Ayurveda to schedule your day as in this episode I discuss the dominant doshas in the evening. As I mention in S6,ep3 on the Importance of Routine in Challenging Times I think I’m talking about routine so much at the moment because it’s something we can have some control over.

But if you’re reading this and starting to feel bad because you have zero routine right now, please don’t worry! The need for our routines to be flexible is a big thing I talk about in this episode, and a really key thing we need to remember. Our routines need to be part of our self-care, not a way we beat up on ourselves. So, I hope you find this short episode inspiring and supportive.

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Ellen x

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Topics Covered in this Episode

  • How morning and evening routines support our sleep.
  • Some questions to ask yourself to begin cultivating your morning and evening routines.
  • Ayurvedic guidance that might be helpful in creating your routines.
  • What if we called them rituals instead of routines? How would that change things?

Links and Resources Mentioned

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