Create Shift S6,ep5: Sara Tasker on Female Entrepreneurs and a Feminine Way of Working

I was thrilled to interview Sara Tasker of Me&Orla for season 6 of the podcast. Sara has been a sort of mentor to me with my business, although we’ve never met. Reading about Sara’s journey as a female entrepreneur establishing her business, then falling down a rabbit hole reading her blogs, opened my eyes to the possibility of being able to run the sort of business I wanted to create online. Something soft, supportive, nourishing and that would support me to lead the kind of life I wanted to lead- something very different to what we’re so often told business is or should be. This is the kind of business Sara has created, and it’s run in what I would call a feminine way. This is, along with how the Internet has created so many possibilities for female entrepreneurs, is what Sara and I discuss in this episode.

To be clear, the way I’m defining feminine and masculine here is not the way we tend to in the West. It’s more in line with Eastern philosophies, and the philosophy of Yoga. Feminine and masculine are viewed as energetic qualities, similar to the yin and yang, that both exist within each of us. You don’t need to be female to work in a feminine way and vice-versa. It’s important to understand this distinction before diving into the episode.

As always, thank you for being here and I hope you enjoy listening to Create Shift S6,ep5 with the lovely Sara Tasker.

Ellen x

Find Sara online at Instagram @me_and_orla Twitter @meandorla

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Sara Tasker of Me&Orla in pinnable image for her episode of Create Shift podcast on Female Entrepreneurs and a Feminine Way of Working

Topics Covered

  • How the Internet has changed things for female entrepreneurs.
  • The concept of what it means to be a professional and a business owner, and how we can re-define these terms.
  • The idea of a soft feminine strength, that you can be soft and strong.
  • The role of data in running a business, and how to approach this in a more feminine way.
  • The importance of relationships and authenticity in running a business.
  • My concept of circular versus linear living, the notion that living in a more cyclical way could be beneficial for us all.
  • The need for joy in our work, and how it’s important to make work a part of a life that make us happy.
  • Sara shares her definition of success.
  • Money and how to address this with more feminine edge to it.

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