Create Shift S4,ep3. The Role of Movement in our Lives with Laurel Beversdorf

In Create Shift S4,ep3 I talk to yoga teacher and movement educator Laurel Beversdorf. I wanted to bring Laurel on the podcast as I think she’s a really interesting voice on yoga, movement and the roles they play in our lives. We talk about yoga, movement, exercise and how the roles that these play in our lives especially in Western individualistic society. This is a great listen for anybody, but also for anyone working within movement (not just yoga teachers). I hope that, in listening to this episode, your curiosity will be raised and you’ll have lots of questions spinning around in your mind.

Find out more about Laurel and her work at  Find Laurel on Instagram here, and on Facebook here.

Topics covered in this episode

  • The importance of going into communities that are different to your usual one(s) and having your ideas challenged.
  • How and why Laurel moved from teaching a more alignment based yoga practice to incorporating more things that may not look like ‘traditional’ yoga.
  • The practice of teaching.
  • Why it’s important to cross pollinate our movement practice.
  • How movement, when it’s working well, can help us relate better to ourselves and to others.

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