Collaborative Coaching with Ellen & Kate

Want to find out about how we do coaching with two coaches? How and why it works, and if it’s for you. If yes, you’re in the right place! Our collaborative coaching offer is delivered through audio coaching using the app Voxer (it’s free). It’s delivered on a day or half day basis, and is totally flexible for you to book in as and when you need. Basically, it’s radical, very different to so many coaching offerings out there and very exciting!


are feeling out of alignment with how you want to live your life, finding yourself relying on other people’s opinions to give you direction and validation. You long to connect to your inner knowing, to give you the confidence that you are on the right path and making the best decisions for you.

You find yourself feeling fed up, disillusioned, and wanting more from life, but you don’t have the time or energy to do the things that really bring you joy and allow you to live life fully. You know life could be different, that you could feel different – but you don’t know where to start.

You feel disconnected from the flow and momentum of life, spending time living in the past or the future to make decisions based on old beliefs and thought patterns, instead of acting in your best interests in the moment. 

You are yearning for more from life but find yourself overwhelmed with self-doubt as the options become too complex and difficult. You end up in cycles of procrastination, perfectionism and people-pleasing as you try to keep control. 

What if…?

What if you felt aligned with yourself, your core power, and the way you want to live your life? 

What if you could connect to your vision for what a contented, good life looks and feels like for you and take courageous steps on the path to get there? 

What if you felt confident to show up in your work and life as your full, vibrant, sparkly, magical self?

What if you knew how to tap into your inner compass, turning up the volume on your inner knowing and turning down the volume on all the ‘shoulds’ of society? 

Are you ready to…

  • rekindle the fire inside yourself, remember what you’re passionate about and give it space in your life? 
  • have confidence in who you are and your ability to work magic in the world? 
  • connect to joy, play, pleasure and creativity in your work and life?
  • feel good in your body, strong, connected, soft and powerful?
  • turn up the volume on your inner wisdom and learn to trust your intuition? 
  • know how to support  yourself to come back into alignment when things are feeling off?

Yes! This is for me!

When you know, you know. If you’re getting the tingles and ‘yes’ feelings from your body that coaching with us is right for you, then go right ahead and book yourself in! You can get a full day of coaching with us on Voxer for £325, and a half day for £175. Coaching days on Tuesdays and Wednesdays. We ask that you pay a non-refundable £50 deposit to begin the booking process.

Introducing Collaborative Coaching!

Our brain is capable of processing 11 million bits of information every second, however, our conscious minds can handle only up to 50 bits of information a second. To cope with the large amount of information, our brains spend a lot of time running on autopilot and using shortcuts which rely on existing beliefs about ourselves, other people and the world. In addition, our bodies pick up the extra information from our unconscious mind and communicate this to us using sensations; like that ‘gut feeling’, a tightness in your chest, or a heaviness in your throat. We often suppress these feelings and simply do the mindset work instead. 

We believe that real transformation happens when you combine mind and body work in harmony. 

That rekindling and nurturing the connection with our bodies and honouring its needs allows you to effectively and compassionately navigate change, challenging feelings and anything that has you swerving from your true north. 

By learning to listen to your body and mind together, and practising tuning into your intuition with curiosity and openness, you can take ownership of your story, seeing it in a new light and understanding it differently. You will connect with who you are, at your core – the you that existed before all of the shoulds of society and ‘real life’ got in the way.

Together we will build a toolkit of practices and rituals to honour, respect, and nurture yourself on your journey. We’ll help you to find the stable ground inside of yourself, and become rooted in a foundation of compassion, self-love, and purpose; connecting to your unique magic, and supporting yourself to bring it into the world.

Have you spent years trying to make change, only to find it hasn’t worked?

Yeah, you’re not alone. Often when we’re trying to make changes, we’re not in the nervous system state that supports change and the creation of new habits and mindsets. This is because in order to stabilise our nervous systems, and come into the state conducive to change we need to take an embodied approach. This is where so much of personal development falls down – it isn’t bringing the body into things. This is where our collaborative coaching differs, and why it works.

How it works on Voxer

Our coaching is filled with ease, joy and freedom. We’ve deliberately created this to be different from the ‘norm’ of coaching packages out there. Why? Because they didn’t work for how we wanted to work, and we feel like they don’t actually work for a lot of clients either. So, instead of giving you one hour of our time where you feel pressured to squeeze the absolute most value from it, we’re giving you a whole day (or half day). And, instead of us all having to sit in front of our computer screens we can be wherever we want. 

Want to be walking in the forest,  lying on the beach, resting on your sofa, speaking to us during breaks in your work day? You can! All of our coaching is done via Voxer, which is an app like WhatsApp but without Mark Zuckerberg. On Voxer you can send voice notes (which we’ll mostly be using for our coaching), text messages, link to documents or videos and share images. It’s a totally free app which you can download to use on your phone and/or computer. 

How you could use your time with us

You can use your time with us however you want, but below are some ideas for ways you could use your time. It’s also fine if you don’t know what you’d like to work together on, but just know you’re ready for some support in living a life more aligned to yourself and to the natural world. 

  • You’ve got an idea for a project you want to start, but you’re feeling blocked and stuck around starting. We can help you uncover the blocks, and take those first few courageous steps. 
  • You want to feel more confident in yourself, you feel like there are ways you want to express yourself more fully and freely in your life and you want our help with supporting you to start. 
  • You’re going through a transition in your life, and want some support with connecting to your new direction. 
  • You want to work in a way that is more aligned to who you are, your magic and your rhythms and cycles and you’d like some support doing this. 
  • You’re feeling overwhelmed with just all the things and you want some support in feeling calmer, clearer and able to prioritise. 
  • You want to be living and working in a way that’s more connected to your intuition and embodied experience, and you want some support with this. 

Who we are

We’re Ellen and Kate, two coaches for quiet rebels who are ready to rip up the rules and create a life in which they can thrive. We have differing trainings and approaches that, when brought together, help you to create real and lasting change in your life.


I’ve spent the past 4 years breaking free of the 9-5 hangover, rewriting my own beliefs around work and life and compassionately working with my self doubt so that I can create a life that allows me to truly thrive and work my magic in the world. My teaching always moves between the dream and the reality offering practical steps for changes we can make in our lives right now. 

I’m a certified trauma informed yoga teacher and holistic health professional (through the lens of Ayurveda, the sister science of yoga), and theatre maker. My work takes a creative and embodied approach where I consider the mind-body-spirit as one. 


I’m an advocate of people living their life in the way they want to, outside of society’s boxes and constraints.

I walk with people as they take each exciting step, experimenting, and learning so much from every success and failure.

I love having those deep and sticky conversations, where the simplest question can open up a whole world of hope and opportunity.

I help people to build strong foundations and sit in the uncomfortableness that is circular growth and learning.

Certifications and Training:

Self-Belief Coaching, Mindset Coaching, Neuro-Linguistic Programming, Time-Line Therapy,  Hypnosis, Meditation Teacher

Other parts of my multipotentialite life:

Astrophysicist, Chartered Engineer, STEM Ambassador, Knitter, Feminist, Music Lover, Personal Development Addict, Learning Geek, and Mama



“After our time working together I felt curious and inspired. Ellen contextualised her Ayurvedic expertise to my personal experiences. I felt like a whole new way of living, a more balanced, grounded and contented way of life, was being opened up to me.”


“During our time together I have discovered that work can be magical. I am magical! Using magic and cycles to guide me through my next chapter makes me feel hopeful that I can bring change to myself and my work.”


“Kate wrote and recorded a customised meditation script for me to help in times when I am feeling stuck. The meditation was powerful, soothing and exactly what I needed to coax me out of those moments. Kate’s professionalism and expertise were apparent from the beginning and I would not hesitate to work with her again.”

Work with us

Click below to pay your £50 deposit and get yourself booked in. Once we’ve received your deposit we’ll be in touch via email to book in your session, and arrange the rest of the payment. If you have any questions you’d like to ask us before booking in you can email us on or find us on Voxer and send us a message, username TheGoodSpace.


You’ll pay a £50 non-refundable deposit to start the booking process. Once that’s paid, we’ll be in touch to ask if you’d like the day or half day with us and to get you booked in.

The full day is £325, which gives you 6 hours of access to us.

The half day is £175, which gives you 3 hours of access to us.

We don’t offer payment plans as a standard, but if you’d like to create a bespoke payment plan to make coaching with us accessible to you then please get in touch on


  • Do you offer a payment plan?
    • We don’t offer payment plans as standard, but are happy to discuss bespoke payment plans if this will make working with us accessible for you. Please get in touch with us on to discuss this.
  • When can I start?
    • As soon as you like! At the moment this is a new offering, so we have plenty of space available. As we get booked up in the future, you may have to wait a few weeks to have your session. Our coaching days are Tuesdays and Wednesday, and we work between the hours of 9:30am and 3:30pm UK time.
  • Why two coaches?
    • We believe that real transformation happens when you combine mind and body work in harmony. By learning to listen to your body and mind together, and practising tuning into your intuition with curiosity and openness, you can connect fully with who you are, at your core. In addition, between Ellen and Kate, you will have access to a wide range of modalities to help facilitate your growth and transformation. Ellen and Kate are both certified coaches in their fields, so you can rest assured you’re getting the best coaching available to you.
  • I have some physical limitations and am concerned that any embodiment work may not be suitable for me
    • Ellen is experienced in sharing yoga practice with all levels, and working with people with a range of physical conditions. Additionally she is a trained trauma sensitive yoga teacher. Ellen firmly believes that embodied practice is suitable for everyone, and takes all access requirements into account when planning sessions. The aim of her work is to support you in connecting with your unique body. We can discuss any access requirements and physical challenges you may be working with in our curiosity call, and in our intro call. If you have any questions about this now, please get in touch with Ellen on to discuss your requirements.
  • I’m really interested but I’m not ready to invest in coaching yet
    • We would like to invite you to look at the other options to work with us. We currently offer a range of courses (live rounds and self-paced), a monthly membership, e-books and there are often free workshops, community sessions and publications. sign up to our email list to hear about these things.

Got questions that weren’t answered here? No worries, just email us on or message us on Voxer, username TheGoodSpace.