Autumn Workshops

This Autumn we bring you a series of 5 workshops from some incredible, inspiring practitioners. Our inaugural workshop series will guide you through practices which will all, in some way, invite you to connect to the theme of surrender.

Browse through the list of workshops on offer below, and click the link to book your space. All workshops run via Zoom, with a replay available for 1 week after the event so you can watch in your own time. We hope you find something that sparks your interest, or maybe even that sparks a sense of resistance – it is often the things we feel we couldn’t possibly do that can reveal themselves to be the things we most want, or need, to do.

Workshop Pass

Get all 5 workshops for the price of 4, and get access to all the workshops until one week after the final session in November.

The Burnout Formula with Ruthie Zerai

Tuesday 14th September, 12pm – 1pm GMT

The Burnout Formula is now only available through the Autumn Workshop Series bundle. Find out more and buy here. 

A wellness workshop aimed at helping you understand your own patterns when it comes to exhaustion and burnout. 

In this workshop, Ruthie will also cover high-functioning burnout and share her own experience of hitting the wall with burnout at the height of her media career.Ruthie will provide you with a blueprint to better understand the negative contributors to your burnout patterns and share strategies for advocating for your needs at work and at home.

Ruthie Zerai

Ruthie is a professional life coach, content creator, and digital media expert. She creates empowering content for people looking to become a better version of themselves everyday.

“My goal is to help people who find life overwhelming to live a full and wholesome life with peace of mind. Let’s explore how the right mindset can change your perspective.”

Moved to Write with Ellen Carr

Thursday 30th September, 7pm – 8:30pm GMT

We are embodied beings, language is the expression of things felt and experienced in the body and yet writing is generally seen as a mind-based practice. In Moved to Write we will ask what if we brought the body into our writing? What if we wrote from a place of embodiment?  

This workshop invites you to play with movement and letting this inform the words you write, with letting your writing be an extension of your body and how it moves through, feels and experiences the world.  Moved to Write is for anyone interested in exploring bringing the body into their writing practice. It is open to all, with no prior writing experience or movement experience necessary. You do not need to be a ‘writer’ to come, you do not need to be a ‘yogi’ or ‘dancer’. All you need is a body, pen and paper, and a curiosity and willingness to play.

Ellen Carr

Ellen is a yoga teacher, holistic coach and creative. She’s the founder of The Good Space, a place of alternative learning and radical wellbeing where she invites people to bring their dreams and begin the journey home to themselves.

Ellen also co-runs Hearth&Sea, a theatre company interested in how theatre can change the lives of those who make it where this includes the audience as maker. She believes we’re all creative, and connecting to and expressing our creativity is a vital part of living a holistic life.

Rituals for Endings with Ellen Carr & Kelli Des Jarlais

Email sequence starting Friday 8th October  – Friday 15th October, with closing circle Saturday 16th October 1pm GMT

Describe an ideal ending…

How many of us can answer that question?

Endings happen all the time.  They’re a huge part of life–the end of the working day, the end of a project, the end of a relationship, the sun setting at the end of the day, saying goodbye to a friend at the end of a coffee date, the end of a holiday.  The ending that many people struggle with the most is the ending of a life.  This is a subject that many societies struggle to address.  We learn some of the customs that surround death but we’re not taught how or given permission to create our own processes that work for us if the current customs don’t.

We feel that it’s important for each of us to know how to support ourselves through an ending so that we can move onto the next beginning. How we approach the smaller endings in our lives, can teach us a lot about dealing with bigger endings.

In this workshop we’ll come together to consider endings of all sizes, and by the end you’ll have the framework to be able to describe an ideal ending and create your own ritual to support yourself through.

Ellen Carr & Kelli Des Jarlais

We’re Ellen and Kelli and together we run Hearth&Sea.  We’re professional theatre makers, artists, and personal development enthusiasts who’ve collaborated for over 8 years.

We’ve been researching death and dying for most of that time, developing and working towards a theatre performance centered around our society’s relationship with death. During this time we’ve learned about rituals for the end of life from other cultures, and past rituals from our own.

If you’d like to read more about that project you can read about it here.  We’ve realised recently that endings are something we personally haven’t given enough time or attention to and that addressing those endings in creative ways has helped us to feel lighter and able to move forwards.  We’d like to help you through this too.
 We’ve created a workshop which combines the knowledge and ideas we’ve gathered to help you design your own ritual of endings.

How to be a Craft Witch with Sharon Murphy

Thursday 28th October 7pm – 8:30pm GMT

Become a Craft Witch and discover the magic power of intentional hand crafting as an antidote to life’s fast pace and pressures, and find the way home to yourself. You will explore how crafting calms and refocuses the mind as you create finished objects you love.You will also learn how to use the same creative magic to craft your life exactly how you want it, allowing more joy, beauty and ease. 

Nourish Yourself Develop a mindful crafting practice, summoning your inner Craft Witch regularly to carve out time (even if you think you’re too busy!) 

Know Yourself Use your crafting practice to gently develop your intuition and create a deeper connection with yourself. 

Honour YourselfWeave a path to yourself with “selfish” crafting, learning how to let go of guilt, judgement and perfectionism (especially for you if you’re always crafting for others or exhausted trying to please everyone and algorithms!).

 Be a part of the Crafting Circle The live workshop will feel like a warm crafting circle, with opportunities to reflect and share ideas and insights with Sharon and like minded craft witches. All arts and crafts are welcome as what you will learn can be applied to any hand crafting hobby or practice.

Sharon Murphy

The workshop is created by Sharon Murphy, a UK crochet designer and life coach.

Quiet Revolution with Elle Bower Johnston

Thursday 4th November 7pm – 8.30pm GMT

Sometimes the most useful thing you can do is stop. To release pushing and rushing forward, and surrender to what is. There are times when a sacred pause is needed. A moment to breathe, let go of the outcome and open to possibility. Join Elle Bower Johnston for this evening of rest and quiet revolution. We’ll begin with a grounding meditation, followed by gentle movement that slowly settles into a restorative yoga practice, so you can surrender into deep rest. If you’re tired of trying to control everything, if you’re craving a moment to pause and recalibrate, or you’re just psyched for an evening of building pillow forts and slowing down, this is for you.

Elle Bower Johnston

Elle is a yoga teacher, embodiment coach, writer and podcaster who helps folks get unapologetically comfortable in their own skin. I’m passionate about making the practices of yoga and embodiment accessible to every body, especially those normally excluded from ‘wellness’. My work is rooted in body positivity, liberation, intersectional feminism and the power of interconnection.

Get all 5 workshops for the price of 4

Get a Workshop Pass to get all 5 workshops for £140, the price of 4. Plus you’ll have access to each workshop until 1 week after the final session in November.