In a world where we’re constantly told to strive for more, bigger, better, we think it’s vital to slow down and to ask ourselves “is that ambition actually mine?”.

In this episode, Ellen shares a powerful quote she recently stumbled across that encouraged her to reflect on ambition, everyday magic & the importance of making sure our ambitions are actually ones that feel amazing to us.

  • The story around the original Mary Oliver quote; her answer to this question and living out a humble existence.
  • We can aspire to living our lives with the idea of simple everyday magic.
  • How society tells us to go for the big audacious bucket list dream, and finding the joy in more simple pleasures.

The Mary Oliver quote “What is it you plan to do with your one wild and precious life?” is from her poem; The Summer Day 

Listen to Mary Oliver on the On Being podcast here

Ellen recommends watching the Eurovision film

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