Welcome to The Good Space, it’s good to have you here. Get yourself a cup of tea/coffee/hot chocolate and settle in. This is a place where you can bring your full self, and if you don’t know what that is yet it’s a place where we can support you to discover that. 

The Good Space is a place of alternative learning and radical wellbeing. It is somewhere to bring your dreams and begin the journey home to yourself. Born from a shiny, fragile dream and nurtured into existence through collaboration, compassion and love.

The Good Space is somewhere for people to connect, support each other, share ideas and work together to make magic happen. 

Why The Good Space?

The name  – The Good Space – is inspired by the Sanskrit word Sukha and the Yoga Sutras of Patanjali. Sthira Sukham Asanam – Patanjali’s Yoga Sutra 2.46

Often translated as asana being the cultivation of a steady & comfortable seat for the purpose of seated meditation practice & absorption. 

But Sukha can more literally be translated as an easeful or ‘good space’, in contrast to the concept of Dukkha which can literally be translated as a stuck, stagnant uneasy or ‘bad space’.

So Sutra 2.46 can more literally be translated as ‘to dwell in a good space’. 

This is the inspiration for The Good Space. Everything taking place under The Good Space umbrella will be to support the cultivation of a good space inside of ourselves, so that together we can cultivate good space in society.

So, who runs this show?

Ellen Carr, founder The Good Space

That’d be me, Ellen Carr – founder and chief magic maker at The Good Space. I’m a holistic coach for quiet rebels ready to rip up the rules and create a life in which they can flourish. My own journey home to myself led me to dusting this dream of The Good Space off from the shelf I’d labelled “unrealistic dreams”, and making it happen.

One of the main people who helped me dust off this dream, and continues to support everything I do here is Kate Banks. 

Kate is facilitator of magic here at The Good Space and is also a life design coach, an advocate of people living their life in the way they want to, outside of society’s boxes and constraints. She’s also an Astrophysicist, Chartered Engineer, STEM Ambassador, Knitter, Feminist, Music Lover, Personal Development Addict, Learning Geek, and Mama.

Kate and I share a passion for supporting people to find their way back to themselves, and create an authentic life outside of the boxes of society. A life more deeply connected to ourselves, each other and the natural world. 

The Good Space holds three core values at its heart; collaboration/connection, magic and sustainability.


Collaboration is one of my superpowers; I thrive on collaboration and I think our societies do too. Above all, The Good Space will be a collaborative space; a place where I can uplift, support, encourage & work with others doing work that shares The Good Space ethos. The Good Space will be a nurturing community for all who engage with it. Connection speaks to a wider sense of connection; our connection with others on a broader scale, our connection to our true selves and our connection to nature. These are all things I see leading the work of The Good Space.


Magic; a value shining out of everything I do, and a core personal value of mine. Magic can mean many things, to me it speaks to creativity; playfulness; wonder; joy; the personal sparkle each of us has; awe and intuition. Magic is a value we can bring to everything we do, when we approach life looking for the magic in it we tend to find it. I also believe each of us has our own unique magic, and that when we’re living in a way that allows us to bring this into the world we tend to be living in harmony. So, The Good Space is here to support us all to come home to our unique magic and live in alignment with it. 


Sustainability is so important for me. I’m interested in creating a business that works towards having as little negative impact on the planet as possible, and even gives back to this planet we call home. And, as sustainability of our own energy and lives is intrinsically linked to sustainability of the planet, I’m interested in creating a business that is sustainable for me and for everyone who works within it. It’s about creating systems that work to keep The Good Space running long into the future in a way that supports the communities it serves, those who work within it, and the planet. Sustainability is important for the work you can engage with here too – everything offered will be with a view to supporting you to create sustainable, long lasting change. No quick fixes, and no teaching of things that cannot exist in your daily life. 

The Good Space is a space for alternative learning and radical wellbeing.

Here’s what I mean by this: 

Alternative learning

The Good Space will be a space where we can learn about things our society doesn’t teach us (because if it did, it wouldn’t function in the way it currently does), a space to unlearn the things we’ve always done/thought/believed because “that’s the way they are” but that actually do us more harm than good. A space to learn things that can actually change the world, our world, for the better. 

Radical wellbeing

The Good Space will be a space where wellbeing isn’t a trend or an industry, but an essential component of creating positive change in the world. Where who and how we are actually matters, where wellness isn’t one size fits all and that size must be size 6 Lulu Lemon leggings. A space where wellness, and wellbeing, is equal to the size of the person, their history, their circumstances, their hopes and their fears. 

The Dream

Is that one day The Good Space will be a real, physical space that creates space for exploration and application of true holistic living and all that it encompasses. Right now, we’re building this space in the digital realm and we’ll see where that grows. 

How you can engage with The Good Space

The Good Space is open for you to visit whenever you have the need of somewhere to hold you in all your ‘you-ness’, to make space for your dreams and to support you on your journey home to yourself. 

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