Welcome artists, creatives & creative business owners who want to do things in ways other than the ‘norm’ that’s been modelled to us through years of ‘shoulds’ & conditioning.

 Hi, I’m Ellen. 


Creative.  Holistic coach. Yoga teacher & student. Facilitator of transformation. Multipassionate. Quiet rebel against patriarchal capitalism. 

I support artists, creatives & creative business owners to deeply know and trust themselves so they can live and work in ways that feel good to them. 

I also make creative work that encourages us to question the way we do things, and supports positive change in individuals and society. 

I combine my lived experience with my work as a creative and training as a trauma sensitive yoga teacher and holistic coach. My coaching work is rooted in the philosophy and practice of yoga, its sister science Ayurveda and the pagan wheel of the year. 

All of my work is trauma sensitive and rooted in a radical wellbeing philosophy.


1:1 coaching

“Ellen’s supportive coaching is providing a vital space for me to connect with, define and strengthen my creative practice. Ellen brings an energy, inspiration and wisdom to our coaching sessions that has been transformative to my creative practice throughout the last six months. She is warm, compassionate and insightful and creates a safe space for reflection and challenge.

Ellen is especially skilled at drawing out my own experience and knowledge to find a deeper understanding of my current creative path and future potential.”

Beccy Owen – musician & multidisciplinary artist

Courses & workshops


“Sometimes change feels overwhelming with 2 kids, but this course taught me how, and inspired me to shift gently.

The course has reassured me that it’s okay to listen to what I need and that, amidst a busy life of juggling lots of balls, there are small changes I can make to help balance my life. “

Melita Read – Ayurveda for Everyday Life course participant



I used to think yoga was intimidating and having has some bad experiences was pretty sure it wasn’t for me. However having been advised by a physio that working on my flexibility would likely ease a lot of the shoulder and back pain I was suffering from, I gave Ellen’s class a go, and haven’t looked back.

Ellen’s classes are so relaxed and non-judgey, it inspires everyone else in the room to just give it a go and have fun trying. Her mix of mindfulness and yoga also makes each session a welcome relief in the face of busy lives and working weeks.

Abby Ledger Lomas – yoga student