Are you ready to live and work in ways that feel good to you & that support you to thrive?

3 month 1:1 coaching for artists, creatives & creative business owners

You feel stuck, frustrated, held back. It feels like your true voice, power, creativity, brilliance and magic are trapped inside you. You want to embrace your magic, but you feel limited by the ways we’re told we should do things. The ‘rules’ just don’t work for you. But that’s not a problem with you, it’s because the ‘rules’ weren’t made for you. They were made by and for straight, able-bodied, cis-gendered, neurotypical, economically privileged white men happy to exist in a world of linear progress and clearly defined boxes.


You’re realising all of this is true. And, honestly, it pisses you off. You think the world would be a hell of lot better if everything weren’t so linear, so rigid, so black and white. If things were more fluid, adaptable, accessible and non-linear.


You acknowledge the power we hold as individuals to start creating the change we want to see in the world, and you’re ready. You want to rip up the rules and create a life in which you can thrive. You know this is counter-cultural, challenging work and you’re ready to invest in some support.

I don’t love long sales pages, I rarely read them and I suspect we might be similar in that regard. When I’m choosing to invest in working with somebody, usually I’ve engaged with them through emails, social media, podcast content beforehand. Usually, I’ve felt some sort of embodied response to them and their work. Tingling, excitement, nervousness, even frustration and judgement – all of these things have translated to me working with somebody. Always, when I’ve trusted my initial response it has guided me right. So, if you’ve felt any kind of pull towards working with me – maybe trust that enough to book a free curiosity call. 

I’m going to give you some more basic information below, stuff it’s helpful to know. And then I’m going to trust that you can decide on whatever feels best for you at this moment in time. 

Combining my lived experience, work as a creative & business owner with my training in trauma sensitive yoga & holistic coaching. I support you to deeply know & trust yourself, so you can live & work in ways that feel good to you and support you to thrive.

My work is rooted in the philosophy & practice of yoga, its sister science Ayurveda & the pagan wheel of the year. I bring an awareness of trauma & the nervous system to all of my work.

What I bring to the table


Why is it always a table? It can be a table if we want, it could equally be a forest path, a beach, a sofa, a rehearsal room, an artist’s studio. You get the idea.

This is a collaborative relationship. Primarily, what I bring is presence and openness. I am here to be present with you, your experience and what you bring to our work together. But I do also bring my own experience, training and personal skills.


  •  I’ve been running my own business since 2017, first a yoga and holistic health business called Being Change that then became The Good Space.
  • I’ve been running my theatre company since 2011.
  • I have decades of experience trying to do things in ways that didn’t serve me, weren’t designed for people like me. Basically, I’ve spent a long time listening to other people over myself and forcing myself to work in systems that didn’t work for me.
  • I got stuff done that way too, but ultimately I burnt out. A LOT. As such, I’m very experienced with burn out.
  • For the past 6 years I’ve been exploring doing things differently. In a way that feels more aligned to me. This has involved working with the cycles of the seasons, lunar cycles, my menstrual cycle, embodied practices, yogic philosophy, Ayurveda and many other holistic and ‘woo’ things. 
  • I’m a certified yoga teacher trained in Mindful Vinyasa Flow. I’ve also trained in Yin Yoga, Yoga with Resistance Bands, natural movement with biomechanist Katy Bowman. 
  • I’m a certified Holistic Coach, trained with Emma Newlyn and certified by the International Practitioners of Holisitic Medicine. 
  • I’m a Trauma Sensitive Yoga teacher, trained with Trauma Therapy Manchester. In September 2023 I will begin 100hrs of training to become an accredited Trauma Informed Yoga Teacher. 
  • I have worked with, and continue to work with, coaches & therapists. My own personal development informs the work I do. 

Things I often support people with

  • Remembering they are enough and worthy exactly as they are, remembering their inherent sense of worthiness and enoughness
  • Living in a more natural way: in tune with the seasons & all the cycles that make up our lives
  • Dismantling the shoulds they’ve lived & worked by, the arbitrary rules & learning to trust themselves to do things their way
  • Building a toolkit they can use to support themselves to find nervous system regulation whilst moving through challenges in their lives & work
  • Exploring being a business owner as a freelance creative, and how this means they can ask for more money; create revenue streams of their own and generally live a more expansive life

  What this can help with, practically

  • Burnout – recovering from it & not going down the path to it
  • Confidence – building a true, rooted, grounded sense of confidence in yourself, your work, your opinions, your voice
  • Sense of purpose – connecting to what feels purposeful to you
  • Self-worth
  • Enjoyment of life
  • Starting/re-connecting to a creative practice
  • Bringing all of your identity to your work & life
  • Self trust
  • Anxiety
  • Feeling stuck & unable to do the work you really want to do
  • Finding ways to work that support you with all your unique needs

Ellen’s supportive coaching is providing a vital space for me to connect with, define and strengthen my creative practice. Ellen brings an energy, inspiration and wisdom to our coaching sessions that has been transformative to my creative practice throughout the last six months. She is warm, compassionate and insightful and creates a safe space for reflection and challenge.

Ellen is especially skilled at drawing out my own experience and knowledge to find a deeper understanding of my current creative path and future potential.

Beccy Owen

Musician & multidisciplinary artist

Who’s it for?

I’m open to working with all sorts of humans, from all walks of life. If we click, we click. If we don’t, there’s someone else out there who’s perfect for you. A good way to find out if we might be a good fit is to book a free curiosity call here.

Based on the people I tend to attract & work with, we might be a good fit if one or more of the following are true for you:

You identify as a multipotentialite/multipassionate

You identify as neurodivergent

You’re a changemaker

You believe the systems that govern Western society are damaging the health of all humans & this planet, & that things need to radically change


We’ll work together best if you are

Open to believing in yourself

Curious about what might be termed alternative or holistic approach to life, wellbeing & work

Willing to be with the discomfort & challenge that may come up Open to looking at your shadow parts as much as your light.

Willing to do embodied work. Please note this will be tailored to YOU specifically. To your body, your nervous system, your needs. The monthly group class you have access to as part of the coaching will always be trauma sensitive & adaptable for all bodies.

The Info


3 month coaching for creatives, heart-led business owners & quiet rebels.

Fortnightly 45minute calls on Zoom. A note on Zoom calls with me. You don’t have to stay still, your video can be on or off or a combination, you can hide self view, you don’t have to keep your eyes focused on the screen the whole time. 

Bi-weekly check-in space with voice note access to me (using free walkie talkie app Voxer)

Access to my growing resource library 

Access to monthly yoga sessions, live on zoom with recording

Investment: £1500, payable in full or in instalments.

Access: I taken an approach to my work informed by open space principles. If what I have outlined above doesn’t sound quite right for you, please email me [] to discuss options.

I am usually happy to be written into funding applications. Please email [] me to discuss and we can set up a call.

If you’re interested in coaching with me, please book a free curiosity call so we can both find out more about each other. This call will last up to 20 minutes, happen over Zoom and you’re welcome to have video on or off.